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Falling Interest Rates, Time for Bonds Thumbnail

Falling Interest Rates, Time for Bonds

Explore the world of bonds with Douglas E. Greenberg, a renowned Financial Advisor in Portland, Oregon. Understand how bonds can enhance your portfolio, especially during economic downturns. Get insights from northwest advisors serving Pacific Northwest clients.

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PNWA 5 Slides, 5 Minutes November 2023 Thumbnail

PNWA 5 Slides, 5 Minutes November 2023

Diving into the Dynamics of 2024: From oil prices steadying thanks to OPEC's vigilance, to the robust intricacies of commercial real estate finance, and the growing appeal of long-term bonds amidst market volatility—our latest blog post deciphers the trends that will shape your investment decisions. Get an insider's perspective on the economic forecast that could redefine profitability in a year of adjustment.

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Douglas Greenberg, a leading financial advisor in Portland Oregon is featured in latest article, "What To Do Before Trump Tax Cuts Expire"

Understanding the Impending Expiry of Trump Tax Cuts: Strategies for Tax Planning Before 2025 Uncover key strategies and tips to navigate the approaching expiration of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act provisions. Learn how individual tax rates, standard deductions, and child tax credit changes could affect your finances, and why acting now is essential for optimal tax planning.

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