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A Complete Package to Seamlessly

Transition Your Business

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Sale preparation and exit strategy are high priorities for business owners. Yet, the statistics below highlight the lack of preparation and planning that is critical to maximizing long-term values.

All too often business owners delay these decisions until it is too late. As the vast majority of your net worth is typically tied up in your business, we recommend that you begin the process at least five years before you plan on retiring.

81% of business owners wish to stop working in their business in the next 10 years.1

56% want to sell/transfer in the next 10 years, and 100% will leave their business, planned or not.1

68% planning to exit or sell their business in the next 3 years don’t have a formal transition plan.1

Only 17% of business owners have completed a valuation of their business.1

Only 56% of business owners have a succession plan.1

41% still don’t have a business succession plan for death, disability or retirement.1

58% have never had their business valued.1

1 Business Owner Survey

An inclusive, multidisciplinary approach to

succession planning can dramatically increase the

opportunity for desirable results.

Every business owner has a different desire for their future. You might wish to spend less time working in your business but still remain involved for the long haul. Or, you may want to take a 180-degree turn and live a completely different lifestyle, whether that involves traveling more, biking, playing more golf—or simply being with your family. You’ve devoted time and energy to build your business, and we’re dedicated to translating your success into the flexibility you’ve worked hard to experience. Our goal is to help instill financial and time freedom, allowing you to choose how you spend your days.

All engagements begin with creating a comprehensive financial plan.   It is important to create a base case scenario of your current financial situation.  Once the plan is complete, it allows us to model a variety of situations. In all cases we include in the plan a range of your business valuation to fully understand the impact of taxation.  Additionally, we can include estate planning techniques to better understand the impact of the planning on the net results.  Once we have tested a variety of inputs, we can focus on creating an income replacement plan to supply you with monthly income. 

Once the model of the potential outcomes has been created, we can move forward to build the deal team.  In each instance, if we are adding a specialized professional, we will manage the interview process, be a part of the interview, assist in guiding the conversation and advising on the final selection.  We have performed this task multiple times and when using our process, have found that at the end of these meetings the selection is straightforward.  Once this is complete, the team begins the process of getting your business ready for sale and then taking it to the marketplace in the search for buyers.

During the sales process, Doug continues to monitor and is engaged in each step of the process.

The estate planning and the implementation plan are a focus once the team has been assembled and work on both estate planning and the implementation plan are spearheaded by Doug. 

It is critical to make certain that the sale of the business, the estate planning, and the implementation plan are coordinated for the best possible outcome.

How It Works

Our goal is to secure a course of action that can support your lifestyle and help you pursue your greater life goals. Below is an outline of what our process looks like:

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Discovery & Preplanning

  • Understand your income requirements and goals
  • Gather financial information
  • Run financial planning analysis to assess needs vs. resources

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Team Formation

  • Collaboratively interview estate planning attorneys, CPAs and investment bankers
  • Assist in decision making on which professionals will add value and be part of your deal team

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Solicitation & Evaluation

  • In conjunction with your team, conduct a formal evaluation of business & search market for potential buyer
  • Analyze and value letters of intent (LOI) using planning software and your data to determine optimal offer for your situation
  • Finalize estate plan, gifting strategy, and investment plan with the team

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Sale and Post-Sale

  • Complete the LOI and conduct sales transaction
  • At completion of transaction, follow implementation plan regarding investing of proceeds
  • Ongoing monitoring and reviewing progress

Providing Ongoing Financial Guidance For Your Life

Our disciplined process eases the uncertainty of what is one of the biggest transitions in your life. You will not only have a clear sense of your business’ value but a comprehensive plan to manage the proceeds.

Once the sale is complete, we’ll be here with you as your personal financial advisor, overseeing your plan and providing hands-on financial advice in your next life chapter.

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Live On Your Own Terms

Let’s establish a path forward.

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