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Case Studies

Successful Entrepreneur Wanted to Focus His Time on Disease Charity

At 53 years old, the owner of a fast-growing small business is looking to spend less time on running his business. He’d like to travel, finance personal interests, and focus on finding a treatment for a disease that affects a family member.

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Business Owner Sought to Sell Business While Remaining Involved in Investments

While he has a 4-year contract as CEO, this entrepreneur wants to turn attention from managing the day-in, day-out of his business. He’d like to enjoy more leisure time but still wants to be involved in his personal investments.

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Business Owner Was Ready to Spend More Time Creating Music & Giving Back to His Community

At 45 years old, this talented CEO was expected to receive $35 million from the selling of his business. He now not only wants to create a foundation to expand educational opportunity for kids but also devote time to his musical pursuits.

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