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Creating a Path to Your Liberation is Our Goal

As a successful business owner, you want to enjoy an enduring legacy and a financially secure lifestyle. We provide business succession preparation and planning to help you find the freedom you’ve earned.

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What You Can Expect When Partnering with Us

When we help you create investment strategies, and make investment decisions, you are assured our advice is based on decades of experience in the industry and not on how it will affect our bottom line.


As an independent fiduciary firm, we follow the regulations of the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC). That means we are legally and ethically bound to always put the needs of our clients above all else.



Small businesses have unique financial planning needs. From start-up to succession, each decision impacts not just the business, but employees, stakeholders, consumers, and your family.


As your fiduciary financial advisor, we will help you find the best investment strategies to meet your unique needs, and then we will be your partner as the business evolves and changes along the way. 



Whether your financial planning needs are for your business or personal future, making the right investment decisions can be overwhelming, starting with how to hire the right financial advisor. 


We understand, so we take the time to get to know you and your goals for both your business and your life. As a fiduciary firm and as a fellow entrepreneur, we are committed to always provide solid investment advice and place your sound financial future as our only goal. 



We can’t control the stock market, but we can control how your investments are allocated among stocks, bonds, and cash.  


Through decades of experience, we have developed model-based portfolios that offer a mix of low-cost, tax-efficient investments that are balanced against changes in the market and economy.


Business meeting

When you’re ready to buy, sell, or make other life-changing decisions, you need a team of skilled professionals on your side. 


We have cultivated a strong network of trusted attorneys, CPAs, investment bankers, and more who we are happy to bring aboard to make any decisions and transitions seamless. 


Conference meeting

To us, you’re more than just another investor. If having a partner on your side to help bring your financial future to fruition sounds like something you want, please give us a call. 

If so, see how our qualifications can meet your needs.

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