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Top Risks 2024 - Eurasia Group Thumbnail

Top Risks 2024 - Eurasia Group


Navigating the Tumultuous Geopolitical Landscape of 2024

As we step into 2024, the geopolitical stage presents a complex tableau that demands our keen attention and understanding.

  • US Political Landscape: The United States faces a pivotal moment, with a divided polity that could alter the global balance. The upcoming elections will not just shape the nation's future but also cast a long shadow over global diplomacy and economics.

  • Middle East Dynamics: The Middle East, a region where history is written in the sands of time, experiences renewed tensions. The Israel-Gaza conflict escalates without a clear end, and the region's political fissures widen, affecting the global community.

  • Ukraine's Crisis: Ukraine stands at a crossroads, with international support wavering and the specter of partition looming. This not only alters the fate of a nation but also serves as a barometer for international resolve and the efficacy of sanctions.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): On the technological front, AI's rapid evolution outpaces regulation, presenting ethical dilemmas and governance challenges. This year could be a watershed moment for AI, as we grapple with its implications across every sector of society and economy.

  • Axis of Rogues: The "Axis of Rogues" — Russia, Iran, North Korea — tightens their alliance, testing the fortitude of international sanctions and the West's response to asymmetrical warfare.

Amidst these threads of conflict and technological upheaval, there lies an opportunity for collective action and leadership. The need for astute governance, both nationally and internationally, has never been more pressing. As AI redefines the possible, it also reshapes the risks — making the governance of such technology a paramount concern.

In a world without a clear leader, every nation, corporation, and individual has a part to play in steering us towards stability. It's a year where the choices made by few will reverberate in the lives of many.

As professionals and citizens, it's incumbent upon us to stay informed, to engage in meaningful discourse, and to foster decisions that lead to sustainable peace and progress. The stage is set not just for policymakers but for all of us to contribute towards a trajectory that upholds democratic values, human rights, and technological stewardship.

Let's make 2024 the year where we rise to the occasion, with unity, innovation, and a resolute stand for what brings us together, rather than what tears us apart.

Douglas Greenberg - President - PNWA